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We are a visual agency born out of idealism: we strive to an inclusive society.

We have a passion for telling multi-layered stories.

We do this by combining strategy, creativity and innovation.

We help brands and organizations to identify missing bricks.

Together we can translate them to compelling stories.

The young man in the patterned shirt is Abdelkarim El‑Fassi. He founded Zouka in 2012. With a background in journalism, he's got a keen eye for fresh perspectives and new ideas. He's not exactly the type to be found working at an office desk every day or sticking to a corporate routine. To get him firing on all cylinders, simply supply with a shot of caffeine.

He soon discovered, however, that there's more to running a business than creativity alone …

Asma El‑Fassi saw Zouka's potential soon enough. With her x-ray vision, she keeps everything on track. She gave up her job in 2015 to sink her teeth into Zouka and professionalize it to the point it has reached today. But she doesn't do this alone. Zouka has a network of professionals with whom it's formed numerous mutually beneficial partnerships.

She's since become Zouka's managing director and is in charge of all things production‑related …

Hicham Issaouti was the obvious go-to guy to help put Zouka's strategy into action. He's an actor but his chill, easy-going persona is never staged. That's the real deal! With his marketing and tech background, he knows how to span the divide between the cultural sector and the business world – both of which share similar challenges concerning diversity and inclusivity, yet require tailor-made solutions.